A Partner For Growth

Partnering with growth companies

Strong strategic positions in growing markets
Family and entrepreneur led businesses
Experienced and motivated management teams
Proven track record of growth and cash generation
Credible and feasible development plans

Optimizing performance and creating long-term value

Manage transition and institutionalize governance
Implement product and service development strategies
Boost internal growth and/or build-up strategies
Support international expansion

Target criteria

No industry focus
Low exposure to economic cycles
Focus on small and medium size companies
Sustainable competitive advantage
Low exposure to technological breakthrough
No federal or canton subsidies
EV up to CHF 100 M with a sweet spot of CHF 30-80 M

Control position

Active in transmission (LBO, LMBO, OBO,..) and/or growth capital situations
Majority or minority shareholding with significant stake and control rights
Board seats as a prerequisite